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4 series

BMW stolen recovered key replacement

We've had many customers coming to us because their car was stolen recovered and they bought a key off the dealership and it did not start the car. If this is the case we can come to your location and make you a key that will start your car.

We also offer you the option of removing previous keys from your BMW immobiliser module so only the keys you have will start the car.

BMW remote stop working

This is a very common fault on all BMW diamond shaped keys. This is because the battery in the key has gone flat. Unfortunately these keys are sealed shut so you are unable to change the battery. We can supply you with a brand new key with a new battery. What's even better is you can actually replace the battery on our key if it ever goes flat in the future. Call us now or request a quote and we can assist you.

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2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 868 Mhz, Yes, Alarm, Lock, Unlock, Boot, F20 2011+, F21 2011+, F22 Coupe 2014+, F45 Active Tourer 2014+, F46 Gran Tourer 2014+, F30 2012+, F31 2012+, F34 2012+, F32 Coupe 2013+, F33 Convertible 2013+, F36 Gran Coupe 2013+, F82 M4 Coupe 2014+, F83 M4 Convertible 2014+, F10 2009+, F11 2009+, F18 2009+, F06 2011+, F12 2011+, F13 2011+, F01 2008+, F02 2008+, F03 2008+, F04 2008+, G11 2015+, G12 2015+, X3 F25 2010+, X4 F26 2014+, X5 F15 2013+, X6 F16 2014+
Genuine BMW F Series Smart Remote Key 4 Buttons: Lock, Unlock, Boot and Panic Transponder: ID47 – PCF7953 Frequency: 868 Mhz Key Blade: Not Included...
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