Comfort access system.

Comfort access system.

As soon as you come within 1.5 metres of your BMW, the comfort access system remotely senses your BMW key, wherever you happen to be carrying it – in your jacket pocket, handbag or briefcase. Simply touch the door handle and the door unlocks. The system also senses when you've entered the cabin and enables the Start/Stop button, so all you need to do is press it and drive off.

And when you reach your destination, your BMW locks all doors automatically simply with a press on the exterior door handle. Your vehicle key also functions as a remote control for opening and closing the tailgate. If you wish, you can store your individual driver settings by using the key's memory function. Up to eleven individual preferences for seat adjustments, exterior mirrors, steering wheel position, BMW Head-Up Display and the audio system can, depending on the model of your BMW, be saved on the key and activated each time you enter your vehicle.

Contactless opening of the tailgate is another innovative technology from BMW ConnectedDrive. A sensor detects a brief movement of your foot below the rear bumper and sends a signal to the on-board computer, which unlocks the tailgate. The tailgate then springs open on its own or is opened by the optional tailgate lift. Contactless opening of the tailgate requires the vehicle system to recognise your car key and unlock the vehicle.

BMW ConnectedDrive provides other useful services that complement comfort access: if you're not sure whether you've locked your car, you can use the special equipment Remote Services feature to check on your vehicle from wherever you are. Call the BMW Call Centre to check the status of your vehicle – and have it locked or unlocked, as needed.

An even more practical idea: the iPhone™ app My BMW Remote. Depending on the vehicle model and equipment, this app allows you to use various Remote Services and call up helpful vehicle information. For example, if you can't find your BMW in a car park, simply make the lights flash or sound the horn with the iPhone. You'll locate your vehicle and can unlock it immediately with your iPhone. Some BMW models also offer Remote Climate Control, so you can start your journey at an optimum temperature. The prerequisite for Remote Services is the special equipment Connected Drive Services.