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We Offer A BMW Key Replacement, Repair And Programming Service That Won’t Involve The Long Waits And High Costs That Will Come From Your Main Car Dealer.

Have You Lost Your BMW Car Key?

If you’ve lost or broken your BMW keys, using a main dealer will nearly always result in an expensive bill. At we are BMW key replacement experts and we save you the hassle and expense of using a main dealer. Our team of experts aim to be to you within 30 minutes to help, no matter what model of BMW you have.

I’ve Lost My Spare BMW Car Key

We are the only auto locksmiths in the whole of of England that have the tools and equipment to repair or replace your broken or lost BMW car key. We can even program and reprogram transponder key fobs, or, when the need arises, enter your vehicle without damage.

We keep a wide range of stock for all the different types of BMW vehicles. So in the event your broke or lost all your keys contact us now or fill in the form below for a quote.

BMW remote stop working

This is a very common fault on all BMW diamond shaped keys. This is because the battery in the key has gone flat. Unfortunately these keys are sealed shut so you are unable to change the battery. We can supply you with a brand new key with a new battery. What's even better is you can actually replace the battery on our key if it ever goes flat in the future. Call us now or request a quote and we can assist you.

How We Programme A BMW Remote Car Key

We’ve seen many cases of a lost BMW key and are experts in getting around this problem. We can create a replacement by dismantling the lock and building it out from there or, if you have it to hand, cut a replacement from a spare. We’ll even programme the key to ensure it works with your immobiliser.

How Much Will It Cost?

The price will vary depending on the vehicle, situation, location, etc. However, we have included some offers below for your information.

NOTE: The prices quoted below are given on the assumption that:

  • You have a working key (fully operational) and only require a spare.
  • You have lost a key and need a replacement.
  • Your car is factory standard.
  • You have all the necessary documents and security codes.
  • You can bring the vehicle to us or meet us at an agreed location.

If the above does not apply, please email us for a quote.